Photo Galleries: Winter

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alaska mountains mt. hayes alaska range

A stunning sunset photo montage taken from Ft. Greely.  The Alaska Range is in the lower 
part of the image.
Photo: Michael Kingston

Seeing some of the beauty of winter in this November scene. 
Photo: Richard Mitchell.

Kay and Tawnee (in front) Wardle know how to have fun in the snow.  Nick Wardle caught a picture of them coming down a hill at Hansen Hollow.
Photo: Nick Wardle

alaska granite mountains alaska mountains alaska mountains mt hayes
Area snowmachiners made the run to Salcha Lodge and back.  
Photo: Brian Eaton.
High speed snowmachine run.  February, 2000. 
Photo: Brian Eaton.
Mountains surrounding the Gulkana Glacier are colored by alpenglow in this April late evening picture taken near the Isabel Pass summit. 
Photo: Delta News Web.
donnelly dome alaska  rainbow mountains City Council Members
Spring Creek near Coldspot Farm flows even at -50F and colder.  Spring water comes bubbling up in a broad front along the Tanana River from near the Gerstle to the Little Delta River.
Photo: Charles Andrews.   
Winter sunset over the Alaska Range.  Shadows from the peaks form broad swaths across the brightly lit clouds.  
Photo: Debbie Jennings.
Merry Christmas from all of the City Council Members. 50th Anniversary photo.


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