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alaska mountains mt. hayes alaska range
Horseback riding at the Bald Eagle Ranch B&B in Delta.  
Photo: Bald Eagle Ranch B&B.

Four wheeling in the vast Alaska wilderness.  Enjoying the fall weather.  
Photo: Mike Rawalt.

Rafters on the Tangle Lakes, the headwaters of the Delta River, about  80 miles south of Delta Junction.
Photo: Brian Eaton.

alaska granite mountains alaska mountains alaska mountains mt hayes
Marlin Dunklebarger pilots a raft through the falls on the Gulkana River, south of Delta.  Levi Atwell, Rachael Dunklebarger, and Charlie Atwell are also aboard about 90 miles south of Delta. 
Photo: Charlie Atwell.
A picture of the Delta high school swim team at the regional championship meet. The swimmers from right to left are Hillel Echo-Hawk, Matt Sharp, Cassie Green, and Caleb Parker.
Photo: Fronty Parker
Fishing from a canoe at Quartz Lake north of Delta on a June day. 
Photo: Tami Canada.
donnelly dome alaska  rainbow mountains  
Shirley Davidson, a Tennessee visitor to Alaska with Ralph Miller of Deltana Outfitters at the helm near the outlet of Clearwater Lake.  
Photo: David Johnson.
Delta PeeWee Huskies defenseman Travis DuBois (white) defends the blue line against two Fairbanks opponents at a recent game at Ft. Wainwright.  Dean Waldo officiates.    
Photo: Steve DuBois.


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