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alaska mountains mt. hayes alaska range
A panoramic view of the mountain range. 
Photo: David Johnson
Mt. Hayes in the spring time. 
Photo: David Johnson.

Waxing moon over the Alaska Range from near Delta Junction.  Mt. Hayes is the peak at the right.  
Photo: Dean Stumpe

alaska granite mountains alaska mountains alaska mountains mt hayes
The Granite Mountains and an unnamed lake at sunset taken in Autumn 1999. 
Photo: Paul Schenk
A picture of the mountains near Delta that have been hiding recently.  These look suspiciously like they may have some new snow. Photo: Justin McClintic Mt. Hayes displaying with beautiful fall colors in the foreground. 
Photo: Michael Kingston.
donnelly dome alaska  rainbow mountains  
Donnelly Dome with the mountain range in the background.
Photo: Michael Kingston.
Preston Miller (on ridge, lower left) stands high on Rainbow Mountain in the Alaska Range in early June. Photo: Glen Johnson.  


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