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alaska hunting alaska hunting alaska hunting
These Delta guys have been hunting for a week, and are a little worse for the wear.  The photographer wasn't much better except clean shaven. 
Photo: David Johnson
Hauling meat and antlers back to camp. 
Photo: Mike Rawalt 

Here's Chris Rawalt with a WHOLE lot of excellent quality winter meat.  This moose was taken in an "any bull" area.  
Photo: Mike Rawalt

alaska silver salmon alaska pike alaska lake trout
Silver salmon fishing in Valdez is a great attraction for many Delta folks. Fronty Parker says the fish in this picture is the biggest he has ever caught in Valdez.  It weighs nearly 16 lbs 
Photo: Steve DuBois.
The nice pike Mike Rawalt is holding broke the line just as he was coming out of the ice hole.  Quick action by Charlie Atwell saved the day....and the fish.  
Photo: Dwight Phillips.
Seth Blankenship holds his a very nice Paxson Lake Trout.  
Photo: Dwight Phillips.
alaska hunting alaska  salmon

Ice fishing on Quartz Lake

Reuben John takes a break from hunting on a hill above the Gerstle River.  
Photo: Julie Stephens.
Delta angler Christie DuBois with a NICE salmon caught near Shoup Glacier not far from Valdez.  Christie is the daughter of Steve and Kenna DuBois of Delta Junction.   
Photo: Steve DuBois.
David Johnson and Victoria Antonov use a "high tech" fishing rig on Quartz Lake in late March. Photo by Mike Rawalt


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