Community: Churches

There are a number of churches in Delta Junction. 
Major US denominations are represented here.

Assembly of God, 895-4455

Church At Delta, 895-4456

Church of God, 895-4349

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon Church), 2378 Deborah St. 895-4259

Clearwater Baptist Mission 895-4218 Located at the corner of Clearwater & Remington Roads.

Denali Lutheran (LCMS), 895-1910

Delta Christian Center 4.5 Mile Jack Warren Road 895-4531 Email, Website

Delta Presbyterian/Faith Lutheran Church, Mi. 266.5 Richardson Hwy  895-4322

Delta Seventh Day Adventist, 3.5 Mile Clearwater Road, Delta. 895-5135

First Baptist Church, Phone: 907-895-4490 Email, Website

Faith Lutheran Church, 895-6208

Frontier Church, Cheryl Helkenn 895-4249

Greatland Baptist Church, 895-5544

House of Prayer Mi. 1421.5 Alaska Hwy 895-4349

Jane Oliver 895-5293

Kings Chapel - Nistler Road  895-4479

Last Frontier Church, 895-4074

Living Word Ministry Church of (Delta), 895-4491

Love in the Name of Christ Help Line 895-4070

New Hope Community Church,  2775 Tanana Loop Ext 895-5020

Our Lady of Sorrows (Roman Catholic) 2565 Deborah St, 895-5232

Spoken Word, Mike Troit 803-0341

United Pentecostal Church, 895-4975

Valley of Decision, Mark & Georgia Pliska 895-4183. Meets in the basement of  The Ark.

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