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The City Council acts as the Platting Board for subdivision approval within the boundaries of the City of Delta Junction. The City Council attempts to consider and approve subdivision requests in a very timely manner (and for no fee) as a service to the community. (Subdivisions outside the City boundaries require State of Alaska approval.)

1.) Please be aware that the City Council has a preference that RESIDENTIAL SUBDIVISIONS contain individual residential lots of at least one acre (43,560 square feet) in size.

The reasons for this preference are due to the expansive amount of undeveloped private land owned in the Delta City limits, and studies that have shown that development of a municipal sewer or water system is unnecessary and cost prohibitive at this time. There is thus a concern that residential lots be of unquestionably large enough size so as to be able to maintain individual well and septic system separations and to avoid conflicts with adjoining lots. In particular, the Council wishes lots to be large enough so that there are no instances where development of a lot will be severely impacted by the placement of wells and septic systems (currently existing or constructed in the future) on the adjoining lots (including lots in adjoining subdivisions).

The Council will normally assume that residential lots of at least one acre in size will be sufficient to avoid such problems. Conversely, proposed subdivisions of residential property that contain one or more lots of less than one acre will be subject to inquiry and heightened Council scrutiny.

2.) In situations of heightened scrutiny, applicants should be prepared to provide information on the proposed plat dedicating spots for well and septic on individual lots of less than one acre in area, and for all lots contiguous to the sub-acre lots.

3.) In situations of heightened scrutiny, applicants should be prepared to provide information on any adjoining parcels of real property NOT included in the proposed residential subdivision that adjoin any proposed sub-acre lot and any proposed subdivision lot that adjoins such a proposed sub-acre lot. This information is desired to assure the City Council that adjoining non-subdivision properties will not be adversely impacted in their ability to locate or operate wells or septic systems currently or in the future by the proposed subdivision well and septic system development.

Approved by City Council, City of Delta Junction: April 17, 2007

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