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Sealed bids for a contract to provide fuel oil, diesel and gasoline to the City of Delta Junction will be received at City Hall, 2288 Deborah Street (PO Box 229), Delta Junction, Alaska, until 4:00 PM local time, Thursday, March 12, 2015.

Bid tender forms, instructions and specifications for the fuel may be obtained from City Hall or on the City website at The attention of bidders is particularly called to specifications, delivery and insurance requirements.

Sealed envelopes containing bids must be plainly marked in the lower left hand corner: FUEL BID. Bids should be addressed to: City of Delta Junction, PO Box 229, Delta Junction, AK 99737.

The City reserves the right to waive informalities and to reject any or all bids. Bids must be on the Bid Tender Form provided and according to the bid instructions provided by the City. Bids cannot be withdrawn for 30 days after the actual date of the opening.

The City reserves the right to reject the lowest responsible bidder and consider higher bids if the lowest bid is not in the City’s best interest as determined by the City Council.

The City also reserves the right to negotiate with the lowest bidder in the event all bids exceed the project budget and to award a negotiated contract to that lowest responsive bidder without further competitive bidding.

Click here for the fuel bids specs form

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The City of Delta Junction, Alaska is seeking bids from qualified lawn care providers to maintain lawns at the Rest Haven Cemetery and the Community Park during the 2015 summer season.

Lawn Maintenance includes, but is not limited to, raking, mowing, weed trimming, and trash removal. A complete informational page is available at the City’s website ( or at City Hall, 2288 Deborah Street, Monday - Thursday 8-5 PM; Friday 8-4:30 PM.

Bid submittal shall include company name, contact phone number, and the total proposed price for complete cemetery and community park 2015 lawn maintenance. Contract payments shall be made by dividing total contract amount into 3 (three) equal payment amounts which will be paid July 1, August 3, and September 1. Additional cuttings if necessary will be priced at a percentage of the original contract amount.

Sealed bids should be submitted to: Delta Junction City Clerk, PO Box 229, Delta Junction, AK 99737 or delivered to City Hall, 2288 Deborah Street, Delta Junction, AK 99737 by 3:00 PM, April 15, 2015. The front of the sealed bid envelope must be clearly marked: Lawn Maintenance Bid. Submittals received late, via email, or fax will not be accepted; substitutions to a submitted sealed bid will not be accepted.

City of Delta Junction



  Mow entire lawn once a week. The first mowing must be scheduled immediately preceding Memorial Day weekend. Accumulations of grass clippings must be raked up with or without a catcher bag and hauled off premises. All lawn debris can be dumped at the Community Burn Pit provided by Delta Forestry.

  Rake leaves as needed at the beginning of contract and in the fall. Remove from cemetery premises.

  Use a weed trimmer around fence posts and headstones each time the lawn is mowed.

  Pick up trash as needed. Bagged garbage is to be put in Park or City Hall dumpsters.

  Mowing will include outside the cemetery fence up to or as close as possible to the edge of Tanana Loop Extension and Jack Warren roads, without causing rock damage to equipment or passing vehicles. 

  Work will be performed the Friday preceding Memorial Day through August 31. 

  Maintenance does not refer to or include the Pioneer section of the cemetery.

  The expected number of cuttings is fifteen (15).


  Mow lawn throughout the entire park excluding ball fields. Any lawn debris can be dumped at the Community Burn Pit provided by Delta Forestry. Grass clippings need not be collected.

  Use a weed trimmer around tables, trash bins, and other permanent fixtures each time the lawn is mowed. Weed trimming is not necessary along the fence line.

  Pick up trash inside the park fence. Empty all waste cans and replace with new 55-gallon drum liners each Monday. Bagged garbage is to be put in Park or City Hall dumpsters.

  Work will be performed June 1 through August 31.

  Mowing includes everything outside of the fenced ball fields. (The local baseball and softball leagues maintain the ball fields.) Mowing does not include the t-ball field, which is fenced on two sides only. Mowing does include the outfield beyond first, second, and third bases.

  Mowing schedule will be weekly June 23 through July 21. Prior and subsequent mowing will be bi-weekly. A lawn mower with a mulching blade is recommended.

  The expected number of cuttings is nine (9).  

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Contractor must carry General Liability ($1,000,000) and Automobile Liability ($1,000,000) insurance plus listing the City of Delta Junction as additionally insured. Contractor must carry Workers’ Compensation and Employers Liability if applicable. Copies of insurance and current Alaska Business License must be made available to City Hall. 

Contractor will supply all labor, equipment, supplies, gas and oil and be responsible for their own repairs.

 The City will apply fertilizer. The season may be extended and the number of cuttings may be expanded at the option of the City. Additional cuttings shall  be priced at a percentage of the current year contract. 

This is a one-year contract, however, it may be extended on an annual basis for up to two (2) additional years at an annual 3% cost increase without bidding, if both the City and the contractor are in agreement.

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